44 Cats - The Musical

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  • This is the second time Boss and the Buffycats work together, the first time ** The previous time (only with Meatball) in "The Flying Cat".
  • This is the second time Blister and Scab work with the Buffycats.


In the closed captions, there are a lot of errors during the song.

  • Snobine is called "Snowbeam"
  • Choc of Milky and Choc is called "Chugg"
  • Masked Cat is called "Math Cat".
  • Quatermain is called "Courtermane"
  • The line "While Ned goes oh-so-lucky" instead of "While Neko's Oh, so Lucky"
  • Olympio is called "Auendio"
  • The line "Blister is a Cat in Disguise" instead of "Blister is a cat so sly".

On the Nick Jr. YouTube channel, the subtitles have a few more errors:

  • The line "Doctor Fisby, who heals the sick as hobby" instead of "Chill with Dr. Fisby, who heals the sick as a hobby".
  • The line "Look at Lola waves along with the pretty kitty Hope" instead of "Look at Lola wave hello with the pretty kitty Hope".


On Cartoon Network Arabia, Snobine and Gas's appearances in the song were removed.

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