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Archibald, also known as Sir Archibald is is a male tabby cat who is the uncle of Lampo.


He is a prim and proper cat who believes that cats should show proper cat manners, until when he saw that the crowd didn't like the Buffycats' classical music concert, he lets out his inner rockstar and saves the concert and learns that not every cat has to be proper all the time.


  • It is implied that Archibald and Lampo are members of a noble family, mainly due to the fact that Lampo's uncle, Sir Archibald has the title of Sir (which is a noble status in European countries and that in some of them it is equivalent to the status of Duke or Lord).
    • With that in mind, it is more possible that their family is originally from the United Kingdom, as this tradition is stronger there (mainly England and Scotland).
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