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Baby Pie is a baby kitten and is Pilou´s new friend, who appeared in "A New Friend For Pilou."

Physical appearance

Baby Pie is a small kitten with gray fur with white fur around his mouth, on his paws, and on his tail end, and a white tuft on top of his head. He had pink fur around his eyes, and he wears a diaper with a safety pin.


Baby Pie appears to be a cute and playful bundle of joy, but don't let his looks fool you, because when playing or planning something fun, Baby Pie shows to have a mischievous side with a pinch of naughtiness that he is always willing to stir up trouble for any cat who wants to play.

However, Baby Pie is still very friendly and is able to help, like in "All Meow For Ice Cream," his super ball kick helped fix Cream's broken ice cream making machine.

List of appearances

  • A New Friend For Pilou
  • All Meow For Ice Cream
  • Scaredy Cats

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