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Bertie is one of the main antagonist of the Buffycats and all of the cat characters in 44 Cats.


Bertie is an overweight man wearing what looks to be much more uniformed brown cat catcher suit. He wears a brown dad cap and brown goggles. He wears brown gloves and has a black belt with an unknown device holstered on his right side. He often travels around with his Mrs. Grabber tool, which a brown glove on a long rod.


Bertie is a lot more competent as a cat catcher, seeming to take it more seriously than his cooky friend Brutus. This competence leads to him being a lot more cocky, even taunting the cats at times, saying that he's smarter than them. He does have a mild dopey-ness to him.


He is very skilled at capturing cats with his grabber tool.


Bertie's goggles, when put on, seem to be able to counteract the infatuation effect of Pilou