Boom-Boom Steppers are a group of three cats containing Boom-Boom Stepper #1, Boom Boom Stepper #2 and Boom-Boom Stepper #3.

The first Boom-Boom Stepper, named Fancy Dancey, had a Santa design, and his fur is gray and white.

The second Boom-Boom Stepper, named Jumpy has a Mexican design, with a black hat, black mustache and also a gray and white fur (Who looks like a male version of Talking Angela, (perhaps a “Talking Angela”)

The third Boom-Boom Stepper, named Lola, is a female cat with a crown on her head, a pink dress, and a white fur.


Lola is the only white cat in the group (Who looks most like Talking Angela).

Lola also had some similarities with Pilou.

As of the events of "Pilou the Kitten Sitter" Lola is a mother of a kitten named Hope. It's unknown if Hope has a father or was adopted.

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