44 Cats Wiki
  • Boss is a Chausie-breed cat
  • and the ugly powers of 44 cats Lampo, Pilou, Meatball and Milady
  • Boss is a ugly cat of 44 cats with ugly powers with Blister and Scab
  • Boss-villain cat in the TV series 44 kitten.He hates baffycats and wants to take revenge on them, but his plans always end in failure.He has 2 friend-helper this blister and scab.They can harm 4 cats in troy either two without boss.
  • The boss has a orange fur coloring with a brown hue and stripes.He wears a gold amulet around his neck,two studded bracelets and a black vest.
  • He lives in rich home.
  • The winston's dogs can't touch him еven though he's a cat.But sometimes there is an exception.
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