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Brutus is one of the main antagonist of the Buffycats and all of the cat characters in 44 Cats.


Brutus is a tall, lanky man wearing a sky blue and yellow-lined backwards cap, black goggles, hazel eyes with thick eye brows, a singular ear ring in his right ear, a giant schnozz of a nose with a mole on the right side of it, crooked and missing teeth, a giant mustache that leads into an even bigger pirate-like black beard, black heavy-duty gloves with a red band on it, an orange-ish rolled up long-sleeve shirt, covered by jean overalls, a gadget belt with a huge visible walkie-talkie on it, white crew length socks and some beat up brown shoes. To complete the fit, he brandishes a long and claw-like cat capturing device.


Brutus is often seen crazily yelling and chasing after cats as if its a twisted game of his. He seems a bit insane as in certain episodes he can be found loving and caressing on his cat capturing tool.


He seems to be able to drive his cat capturing van over high buildings and structures unnaturally, usually FLYING into the scene from above, after Meatball senses danger


Brutus seems to have been a cat catcher since even before Gas was a small cub, as we see Brutus chasing a very young Gas and his brothers in the episode "Gas, The Stinky cat"