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Cato is one of the side characters in 44 Cats. He is the sensei of Milady, being the one that taught her the discipline of Cat-Fu


Cato is a tall black cat with a white face, paws, and tail tip. He has green eyes, wears a red headband and a white belt. Cato is a Cat-Fu master, so the belt is white most likely just to contrast well with his fur


Cato is very reserved in nature, rarely seen losing his temper at all. Most likely very chill as he can be seen at most events as a background character in the audience, supporting his furry fellows


Cato is a Cat-Fu sensei, he is shown to have incredibly fast reflexes, is super agile, flexible, and seems to have good offensive capabilities


  • He resembles a little bit like Fencer from the 1980s cartoon, Foofur