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Chock is one of the side characters in 44 Cats. He is the brother of Milky and runs a circus with him for all the neighborhood cats.


Chock is an orange-redish cat with grey eyes, red clown nose, and tan lower face and paws. He wears a blue and bubblegum pink striped top hat with a yellow accessory on the front-right side. He sports a similarly striped blue and pink long-sleeved loose jacket with a gold trim. There is a difficult to see blue shirt he wears underneath that. He wears a pink and white polka-dotted bow-tie on top of that. On his lower half, he rocks a blue and white striped pair of loose pants. He finishes off his fit with the same blue accessory from his hat, nestled right on his jewels.


Chock, much like his twin brother, is very jolly at most times you see him in the series, rarely seen angry or upset. He can be seen at some events as a background character in the audience, supporting his furry fellows


Chock is a trained clown, he is seen having incredible balance, brilliant hand-eye coordination, great trickery/deception skills, and immense agility


Milky and Chock's name are essentially implied to be put together to make Chocolate Milk or Milk Chocolate