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Gaby is a side character of the 44 Cats series. She runs Daily Cat magazine and occasionally hosts town events.

Physical appearance

Gaby is a slim and brown Siamese cat who wears a teal T-shirt with a speech bubble print on the front and denim shorts with a red belt, with a pink heart buckle, around her waist. She also wears flashy accessories like two green bangle bracelets on her wrists and a red loose collar with a gold bell and she always carries her camera around her neck.


Gaby is a sassy and very social cat that loves nothing more than collecting news and reports, and taking pictures for her Daily Cat News magazine, but is also a complete blabbermouth that loves to add false information and embarrassing photos about other cats that hurts her friends' feelings without knowing it, until when she was in danger of being trapped in Brutus' van, she learned her lesson and made a promise to never add mean gossip into her magazine.

In the series

In an episode that has her name "Gaby, The Reporter Cat," she decides to make a front news page for her magazine by making Meatball into the Cat-Mouse so she can take a picture for her magazine. In one part of the episode, when her camera couldn't flash at the right moment and was delayed, she was caught by Brutus the cat catcher and when LampoPilou, and Milady tried to save her, they got captured too until Meatball and the other cats with flashing cameras came to their rescue!

In "Lampo and the Crazy Race," she is seen as the announcer of the Cat Race.

In "Lampo and the Buffolympics," she is seen running alongside Olympio, and trying to get the best scoop out of him, while running behind them are Ginny, Fleur, and Neko, who are cheering for him (Olympio).

In "44 Cats - The Musical," she is seen onstage during the 44 cats musical.