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  1. REDIRECT Template:Character Infbox 1Gasis a stinky cat that has a powerful stench that can make you gag and faint for a second until you recover for some fresh air. He was first introduced in Gas, the Stinky Cat.

Physical appearance

Gas' fur is brown with dirty spots all over and his eye color is chocolate brown. He wears a black vest, a red and white polka dot bowtie, a black bowler hat on his head, and like Blister, his whiskers are crooked.


Gas may appear as an aggressive and mean cat, but in the end, he as a very good heart. As Shown in "Detective Pilou" when he involontary steals a flower of Fleur for his girlfriend Snobine.


  • The reason why he doesn't like having baths was because of a horrible past that involved him losing his brothers during a scene of being chased by a cat catcher and then falling into a river, only to be saved by a bag of stinky trash.
    • However, in Snobine, the Snobbish Cat, he did take a bath once to impress Snobine.
  • He is in love with a female cat named Snobine.
  • In 44 Cats - The Musical, he can use his scent to change colors into green as he used it on Fleur's flowers to turn them green.