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  1. REDIRECT Template:Character Infbox 1Hope is a kitten that featured in the episode Pilou The Kitten Sitter.


Hope is a light pink cat with blue eyes. She wears a pink bowtie on her head and sits in a baby stroller.


Hope was at one point very attached to her pacifier despite being older than the normal age for kittens to be attached to her pacifiers. When Hope didn't have a pacifier, she would wail until she got it back. Hope found it entertaining when Pilou bumped into something that caused her trouble. Eventually, Hope overcame her need for a pacifier.


Pilou took care of Hope after getting Hope mixed up with her own toy kitten. When Pilou realized that she had taken Hope instead of her toy kitten, she searched for the kitten's mother. After a confrontation with Gas, Hope was able to take the pacifier out of her mouth and say that her mother's name was Lola.