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Igor is one of the side characters in 44 Cats. He is the strongest member of the entire cast and is often seen lifting weights or working out. Also he enjoys being the speaker/host of town events from time to time.


Igor looks to be a Tonkinese-breed cat with blue eyes, tan body, dark face, paws, and tail, with the tip being light. He wears a black leather biker jacket, and a red and white polka-dotted ascot scarf.


Igor's demeanor is as strong as his physicality, speaking very heftily, but you always know he's a friendly character. Igor is very chill and happily will speak for town events going on and he's doubly down to help a furry friend in need, putting his super strength to good use often. Igor can occasionally get annoyed but he always manages to keep a cool head and go on about his business.


Igor has a great deal of super strength, no one quite knows the limits of his power but he was seen effortlessly carrying several big cats INCLUDING Meatball all at one with a human grabbing tool. He even lifted his entire motorcycle up onto his shoulders when he was eliminated from the bike race event.


In the credits of "Lampo And The Crazy Race," the voice actor for Igor has a typo and reads "FSarah Natochenny"