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Isotta is a new main character in Season 2 of 44 Cats. She is Granny Pina's granddaughter. She is the only human who can understand the cats and talk to them. She becomes the Buffycats' closest friend and likes to spend her time in the Buffycats' clubhouse.

She is named after Isotta Straffi, who is the real-life daughter of Iginio Straffi (the creator of the show).


Isotta always wears a red cat-ears headband which symbolizes how she is "like one of the cats." She also wears a white collared shirt, a red vest, a purple skirt, and red boots. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Her design is a caricature of Isotta Straffi.


  • Isotta, Granny Pina, and Winston are the only main characters who are humans and not cats.
  • In real life, Isotta Straffi is Singaporean-Italian.