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Lampo is the lead singer and lead guitarist of the Buffycats and one of the main characters in 44 Cats.


Lampo is a small tabby kitten. He has an orange coat, blue eyes, and markings on his body (notably a blue lightning bolt going down the right side of his face to his eye). He usually wears a green T-shirt with a yellow lightning bolt on it and a black baseball cap he wears back-to-front. He also wears Concert outfit. He wears black jacket, blue headband, and blue belt


Lampo tends to be playful and overconfident. He is arrogant at times, but is always down to help a friend in need.


Lampo's whiskers act as a compass, guiding him to where he needs to go or when they need to track down missing cats or objects. He is quite agile.




  • The voice actress who plays Lampo also voice-acted Tinkerbell from Peter Pan and Ash from Pokémon.
  • It is implied in the episode "Sir Archibald, Gentlecat" that Lampo would be part of a noble family, as his uncle Archibald holds the title "Sir" (Sir Archibald), a title given mainly in European monarchies to barons and knights, implying that he (Archibald) would be a baron or knight.