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These episodes are shown in order of airing in Italy.


Season 1

Episode # Title Airdate(s)
1 "Buffycats on a Mission" December 11, 2018 (Italy)

May 25, 2019 (U.S.)

Winston, knowing that as long as Granny Pina has the house deed, he won’t be able to tear down the house, so when he tasks Boss to steal it, The Buffycats must retrieve the deed.
2 "A Puppy to Save"
The Buffycats who are sleep deprived help a lost puppy find his home.
3 "Cosmo the Astronaut Cat"
The Buffycats try to give Cosmo a birthday gift in the form of a great outer space adventure.
4 "Cat Traps"
When Meatball is captured by one of Winston’s traps, the other Buffycats try to avoid the confounding traps to rescue Meatball.
5 "Gaby the Reporter Cat"
Shutterbug Gaby is taking humiliating picture of other cats in the neighborhood to a paper, but when she is captured by Brutus the Straycatcher...
6 "Gas the Stinky Cat"
The Buffycats are confounded by a cat who stinks to high heaven.
7 "Granny Pina’s Secret Recipe"
Lampo becomes a cook to prepare noodles, but loses the recipe.
8 "Neko, the Lucky Cat"
Neko becomes depressed when bad luck happens around him.
9 "A Dog as a Friend"
Terry, a puppy belonging to one of Granny Pina’s neighbors, wants to be like a cat.
10 "Lampo and the Crazy Race"
Lampo, with Wrench’s help in constructing a customized motorbike, participates in The Meow Meow Grand Prix against Boss.
11 "Cat Fever"
Lampo gets a cold on the day of the Neighbor Day party, but is afraid of the Doctor Cat, Fisby, So Lampo does what he can to avoid seeing him.
12 "The Dance Contest"
Ginny, a guinea pig hopes to win a dance contest, but she doesn’t have enough self-confidence...
13 "Milady and the Cat-Fu Master"
Milady brings Meatball to a feline master of Martial Arts.
14 "Milky and Chock's Circus"
The Buffycats have fun at a circus and seeing the performance of the Clown Cat, but Boss and His henchmen have plans to recruit the clown cat for nefarious reasons...
15 "Dogsitter Mission"
The Buffycats watch over the quarreling puppies, Zoe and Bucky.
16 "Underwater Mission"
The Buffycats with Wrench's assistance search the ocean with a submarine to find a birthday gift for Granny Pina.
17 "Piperita, the Chef Cat"
The Buffycats help Piperita with making a dish to help her be a master chef.
18 "Snobine, the Snobbish Cat"
Gas falls for the new kitten, Snobine. So the Buffycats assist him.
19 "Four Cats and a Camel"
An Old friend of Winston visits Him with His camel, but Winston is determined to keep the camel for himself...
20 "Detective Pilou"
Pilou is on the case when Fleur asks the Buffycats to locate a missing cornflower.
21 "A Game for the Buffycats"
Meatball makes up a game for the other Buffycats to go on a Treasure hunt.
22 "The Superhero Cat"
The Buffycats have an Adventure with the Superhero Cat, but when he is caught by the straycatchers...
23 "Lampo at the Buffolympics"
Lampo faces competition in the Buffolympics when a haughty, but athletic cat comes into play.
24 "Ambrogio, the Stylist Cat"
The Buffycats help Ambrogio find inspiration.
25 "A New friend for Pilou"
Pilou looks for a playmate when the other Buffycats are busy.
26 "Cats in Black"
The Buffycats keep an alien cat out of harm's way from three brutish government cats.
27 "The Art of LaPalette"
Boss challenges the Buffycats to an Art Contest set by LaPalette.
28 "The Flying Cat"
Meatball helps Edison with his flying machine.
29 "Tutankatmon's Treasure"
The Buffycats help Quatermain search for the Treasure of Tutankatmon.
30 "The Great Robin Rescue"
The Buffycats help Robin find Her egg, but because it's on the move, not even Lampo's whiskers can track it down.
31 "May the Best Cat Win"
Lampo and Milady compete against each other in a scavenger hunt.
32 "Jungle Cats"
The Buffycats explore a botanical Garden, which houses a wild cat.
33 "Police Cat in Action"
The Buffycats help Cop the Police Cat retrieve a gold cat statue which is stolen.
34 "Sir Archibald, Gentlecat"
Lampo's Dignified uncle Archibald comes to teach Lampo manners.
35 "Pilou and the Scooter Chase"
The Buffycats surprise Pilou with a scooter for her birthday, but the cat catchers trap her furry fellows.
36 "The Tailoff Games"
When Boss, Blister and Scab play pranks on the Buffycats, Lampo decides to challenge them to a Tailoff match to solve the situation.
37 "Pilou-saurus Rex"
The Buffycats find a toy dinosaur in the garden.
38 "Meatball's Secret Move"
Granny Pina loses her precious lucky locket near the river and the Buffycats rush there to find it.
39 "Meatball's Lucky Day"
Learning that it is his lucky day, Meatball challenges the lucky cat Neko to a game of chance.
40 "All Meow for Ice Cream"
The ice cream maker cat's machine doesn't work on a hot day.
41 "Campfire Cat Tails"
The Buffycats tell Bucky about meeting the white orangutan but Bucky doesn't believe it exists...
42 "Pinky Paws Rock!"
Pilou wins the chance to host The Pinky Paws before their concert. But the lead singer sprains her ankle.
43 "Scaredy Cats"
The Buffycats are setting up a Halloween party, but Pilou hears about a monster and becomes afraid. The Buffycats have a plan to help.
44 "Attic Mission"
The Buffycats need to help clean the attic before they eat. This isn't easy, but the strong cat, Igor, lends a paw.
45 "Meatball the Sleepwalker"
Meatball starts sleepwalking.
46 "Bongo on Stage"
The Buffycats help a white orangutan who has been hiding in the Clubhouse.
47 "Farmer Cats for a Day"
Corny helps Granny and the Buffycats find ingredients at the farm, but can they keep the hungry birds away?
48 "Santa's Little Helper"
Santa's helper cat Glitter crashes in the garden! The Buffycats must help him save Christmas for all.
49 "The Rolling Pin Quest"
Granny breaks her rolling pin doing Karate moves. Neko and the Buffycats must help so that she can make noodles.
50 "Recycling Romp"
It's Creative Recycling day, and When Boss tosses garbage at the Buffycats' yard, they realize that they gave them good-quality parts.
51 "Pilou the Kitten Sitter"
Pilou goes for a walk with her doll Kelly. Back home, she realizes a kitten is in her stroller instead!
52 "44 Cats - The Musical"
The Buffycats set up a musical with all 44 cats for the annual Cat Party! Even Boss, Blister and Scab join...

Season 2

  1. A Cat-tastic Work of Art! - Abdul convinces Granny Pina to sign a paper allowing Winston to bulldoze her house and build a giant shopping mall.
  2. Peppy's True Talent - Peppy wants to become a circus artist just like her uncles Milky and Choc. Despite several attempts, Peppy can't perform as she wants. The Buffycats are ready to help!
  3. Terry, The Firefighter Cat - Terry the pug, believing himself to be a cat, wants to become the firefighters' cat and does his very best in several situations to prove his bravery.
  4. A Very Special Girl! - Granny Pina is anxious and busy, because a very special guest is coming to visit: her granddaughter Isotta. The cats discover that young girl can talk to animals!
  5. The Mystery of the Ghost Cat - Word has spread out that there's a ghost cat in town. A presence may be haunting the neighbourhood! This is definitely a mystery the Buffycats want to solve.
  6. The Flying Treasure Hunt - Competitors must move without touching the ground to reach the final treasure. Meatball is happy to compete, but will he manage to prove he is a real flying cat?
  7. Sir Lamp, The Great Golfer - Lampo is excluded from the golf tournament organized by Boss. So, disguised as great golfer Sir Lamp, he challenges Boss to show him that golf is for everycat.
  8. Pilou And Her Loose Tooth - Pilou notices she has a loose tooth. She doesn't want to touch it because she's afraid it could be painful. Isotta suggests she visit Mimì, the paediatrician cat.
  9. Scribbly, The Stray Kitten - It's Feline Good Deeds Day and Scribbly, a stray kitten, wants to lend a paw and make new cat friends. Unfortunately, Boss deceives him into causing mischief.
  10. The Great Scooter Race - A scooter race is being held in the park. Pilou is thrilled to participate. Terry could easily win the race, but Boss is lurking and is in the mood for jokes!
  11. The Upside Down World - The Buffycats live an incredible daydream: passing through a mirror of the house they enter the Upside Down World, a special place where everything works in reverse and where they will meet the bizarre Strange Cat!
  12. The Cat Color Game - With the ice cream cakes he has prepared, Cream organizes a very original game called Cat Calls Color. The Buffycats are excited to participate, but the three mischievous Boss, Blister and Scab step on scene...
  13. Sushi, the globetrotting puppy - Granny Pina is about to return from a trip, and the Buffycats want to surprise her by cooking something special. They ask for help from Sushi, Isotta's globetrotting puppy and an expert in foreign cultures and cuisines.
  14. The Best Dog Challenge - Playing together, Bucky, Zoe, Terry and Sushi start arguing. They organize a game to prove who is the best dog, but only thanks to the Buffycats they will understand that you really have fun when you have fun all together.
  15. A Rainy Day - Wrench involves the Buffycats in his "Scrapyard Game", an outdoor activity calling the four cat friends to imagine themselves in fantasy scenarios and solve adventurous missions... all avoiding the heavy rain pouring outside!
  16. AIDA, the robot cat - To help Granny keep the house tidy the Buffycats ask Edison, the inventor cat, for help. By recycling various objects, Edison invents AIDA, a robot cat that will take care of all the housework. But Boss wants to sabotage AIDA...
  17. Meatball, the mail delivery cat - Meatball brings the mail to Granny Pina and she rewards him with cat treats and cuddles. Granny finds an envelope not addressed to her, so Meatball decides to take it to the rightful owner to get more cat treats and cuddles...
  18. The Basketfur Game - In view of a game against Boss, Blister and Scab, a former Basketfur champion named Will offers to train the Buffycats and teaches them that sport must be practiced with loyalty, honesty and without tricks!
  19. A day trip with uncle Greg - Greg is Meatball's uncle, a scout cat as clumsy as his nephew but fearless and very confident. To have a snack all together, Greg organizes a cat-tastic excursion: he will lead the Buffycats to the top of Cat Mountain!
  20. A Fistful of Cat Treats - The Buffycats are playing in a western-themed area along with other cats including Boss, Blister and Scab. When they meet two new cats named Buddy and Derence. And soon after, all their cat treats mysteriously disappear...
  21. The Treasure of Catbeard - Neko involves Pilou and her furry fellows in a cat-tastic mission: after giving them a map and a lucky doubloon, he invites them to use the two items to find the legendary treasure of pirate Catbeard!
  22. Mice on the Run! - Boss, Blister, and Scab are on the trail of three little mice who ended up in the garden of Winston's villa. The Buffycats never back down when it's time to help friends, and they lend a paw to the daddy of the mice to save them!
  23. Mara, the hippo - A wooden crate falls from a running truck... inside it is Mara, a small female hippo who was returning to Africa. The Buffycats will do everything they can to help Mara get on the plane taking her back to her native land...
  24. The Halloween Monster - It's Halloween night and Isotta goes around with the Buffycats to do "trick or treat". Boss, putting a pumpkin on his head, makes Meatball think he's the Halloween Monster and takes all the sweets he collected...
  25. Granny Pina's birthday - Several birds that were outside in the rain are welcomed into the house by the Buffycats, but they begin to cause a series of funny disasters and literally turn the house upside down! Just on Granny Pina's birthday!
  26. The Cat-Fu Show - Meow-Paw, Milady's grandpa, comes to visit her in view of the traditional Cat-fu Day show. The Buffycats are all enthusiastic and Milady wants to give her best, so as not to disappoint her grandfather.
  27. Whisker Twister - Tired of playing Yarn Hoops, the Buffycats decide to make a Cat Swap, exchanging for other games. But after exchanging various objects, they're back to square one.
  28. Three Cats And A Kitten - Milady, Pilou and Meatball offer to babysit little Hope while her mum Lola leaves in search of her lost Whisker Twister - but looking after Hope is a real mission!
  29. Charlie The Cat - Everything is ready for the Cat Show, but the Buffycats are missing a show host. By chance they meet Charlie The Cat, who really seems to be perfect for the job.
  30. The Kite Contest - The Buffycats have built their kite, and are ready for the annual kite contest. The spiteful Boss is also taking part in the competition, ready to get the better of it.
  31. A Stinky Mission - At the restaurant Meatball meets the stinky cat Gas, who says he is tired of living in the trash bin of the alley. Meatball offers to help him find a new home.
  32. Christmas Cat-Tastrophe - It's Christmas Eve, and Santa's helper cat Glitter invites the Buffycats to his workshop. However, his toy-making machine breaks down! In a race against time, will our furry fellows save Christmas?
  33. Blondie The Spy-Cat - Milady loves Jane Blondie's movies, and one day, to her surprise, Jane Blondie involves Milady in a secret mission to find out who's behind the dangerous Cat X.
  34. Wild And Brave - Pilou, Ginny and Scribbly spend a day in the wilderness with Tata and Jungle, ready to teach their puppies how to behave like good wild cats. Their hike on Cat Mountain will prove to be an adventure!
  35. The Winter Buffolympics - Lampo and Boss compete at the Winter Buffolympics organized by Olympio, a series of snow sports trials with the meowtiful Pinky Paws. Determined to win the race, Boss will use his usual tricks...
  36. Underwater Cleanup - Seeing Sushi's collection of shells, the Buffycats run to the river to look for more, but they find the river full of trash! The Buffycats set off on an exciting underwater mission.
  37. Snack Time at the Farm - After a snack at the park, Pilou, Ginny and Bucky's tummies hurt. Luckily, Mimì, the pediatrician cat, is around: the Purrypops they ate are unhealthy. They need the right ingredients for a pawesome natural snack!
  38. The Space Rescue - The Cats in Black secret headquarters receives a call for help: it's Astricat, the alien kitty, who is in trouble in outer space. Without any hesitation, the Buffycats and Cosmo launch into a space rescue mission!
  39. Winston's Anti-Cat Wall - Winston decides to run for town mayor to build the world's largest anti-cat wall. He will try to deceive and convince the citizens to vote for him.
  40. Terry & Cop Police Cats - Terry believes to be a police cat and when he finds out about the traffic-light saboteur mystery, he decides to take action, followed by Cop and the Buffycats.
  41. The Easter Games - The Buffycats want to organize something special for Easter and Pilou asks her Auntie Lizzy, the best party planner ever, for help.
  42. Isotta's Surprise Party - The Buffycats want to organize a pawesome surprise party for Isotta's birthday. To not spoil the surprise, they invite their friends without mentioning the party
  43. Cats on Ice - Boss, Blister and Scab play a prank on the Buffycats and Lampo decides to solve the problem by challenging them at a game of Ice Cat. How can the Buffycats win?
  44. Super Cat Mission - After losing his cloak and being captured by the cat catcher, the Masked Cat asks Lampo for help. He will have to use a key to enter his base and retrieve his cloak!
  45. The Case of the Secret Ingredient - Each furry fellow will bring something to eat for Traditional Foods Day and the Buffycats want to bring Granny Pina's Noodles.
  46. Mice on Bikes - Boss hears Tic, Tac and Toe talking about Speedy Cheese, the fastest biker mouse in the world, and decides to challenge him.
  47. Lampo, the Puss in Boots - Isotta tells the Buffycats a bedtime story: Puss in Boots Lampo makes Gas a knight, but the fearsome Ogrecat is threatening the citizens of Catabas.
  48. The Ghost Train - There's a mysterious mystery for detective Pilou. Buddy and Derence ask for help because Meow City's cat treats have been disappearing for three nights in a row.
  49. Return to the Upside Down World - The Buffycats are using a robot that vacuums up dirt and transforms it into delicious smells when Strangecat invites them to play in the Upside Down World.
  50. Choo Choo The Donkey - Charlie The Cat and the Buffycats organize the Furry Marathon: the athletes will have to read the directions to figure out which route to follow.
  51. The Hula Hoop Contest - There's a new furry fellow in town: it's Alana, the Hawaiian hula hoop kitty, and she's ready to teach the Buffycats a game and organize the best hula contest ever!
  52. The World's Tallest Hamburger - After seeing the Pawesome Book of World Records with Isotta, the Buffycats want to beat the 'tallest hamburger in the world' record.