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Meatball is one of the main characters in 44 Cats and serves as the keyboardist for the Buffycats.


Meatball is obsessed with food and loves to eat anything he can get his paws on. Though he can be cowardly at times, he remains loyal to his family and friends.


Meatball is large and round. He has orange fur with beige white fur on his belly, paws, the tip of his striped tail, and a fur tuft with the same color. He wears a yellow shirt with green linings. He has rounded ears and green eyes. He also wears red baseball cap, green shirt, red jacket, and black sunglasses.


Whenever he's hungry for spaghetti and meatballs, that means danger is nearby.




  • He has a planner, as seen in "The Great Robin Rescue."
  • As revealed in “Meatball the Sleepwalker,” hearing a C note from a bass causes him to burp.
  • Although Meatball and Boss are rivals, they sometimes work together.
  • His name was based off of the dish spaghetti and meatballs due to his round shape and his love of spaghetti.
  • In this YouTube video, Lampo incorrectly refers to Meatball as 'Polpetta'. This was a translation error, since 'Polpetta' is Meatball's Italian name, and is used in the original Italian scripts.
    • In The Superhero Cat, there is another instance of Lampo incorrectly referring to Meatball as 'Polpetta'.