Pilou is a female kitten who serves as the drummer for the Buffycats and stars as one of the main characters in 44 Cats.


Pilou is a beige and white kitten with large green eyes. She commonly wears a pink tutu and has a matching pink bow on top of her head.


Pilou seems to be quite smart for her age but can sometimes act immature. She loves ballet and cutesy things.


Pilou can make large 'kitten eyes' that, for several seconds, mesmerizes those she uses the skill on, often accompanied by "How adorable..!" or "So cute..!" until the effect wears off.


  • Despite her cuteness, she has a very menacing side; as seen in 'Snobine, The Snobbish Cat', she was holding a chainsaw in front of Gas and had a murderous expression on her face.




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