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Piperita is one of the side characters in 44 Cats. She is owned by Chef Alfredo and they happily share their surplus food with the neighborhood cats.


Piperita looks to be an light and dark brown spotted Ocicat-type breed with green eyes. She wears a red bandana scarf on her head, a tuft of brown hair swooped up from under it in front. She wears blue eye shadow and a red rose in her right ear. She wears a dark ribbon-y bow with a gold pendant on it, green jewel inside of that. She finished off her outfit with a red and white polka-dotted apron with a white trim


Piperita is a very altruistic cat, happily sharing her extra food with the neighborhood. She can be a bit snobbish when it comes to selecting recipes, but she only wants the top quality for her friends. She can be easily discouraged when told she has made a bad recipe, but she is very friendly nonetheless.


Piperita has cooking knowledge from an actual trained chef


From Italian, Piperita translates to "Peppermint"