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Sandy is the mother of Bucky and Zoe. She first appeared on Episode S1:E2 "A Puppy to Save".

Sandy chased away Boss, Blister and Scab to protect Bucky in episode S1:E2 "A Puppy To Save".

Sandy was born on September 6 2014 in the vet sandy is 7 years old. She does not like Boss, Blister and Scab.

But she loves Bucky, Zoe, Lampo, Milady, Pilou, and Meatball.

On S1:E2 "A Puppy to Save Sandy was pregnant with Zoe.

one grandaland itilay might start doing sandy and her puppies mascot sometimes later this year or next


amd sandy is a close friends of the buffycats sense sandy met them