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Snobine is one of the side characters in 44 Cats. She moved into the neighborhood and became Gas's girlfriend.


Snobine is a tall white cat with green eyes, red blushy cheeks, and a mole on her right cheek under her eye. She wears a pastel-pink sun hat that has a hot pink rose on it. A seafoam green scarf around her neck and a pink dress and gloves. She often carries a pink parasol around that matches her outfit. Lastly, she can be occasionally seen radiating a pink fragrance, implying that she smells DIVINE.


Snobine is shown to be very pretty, smart, kind, and has a ladylike expression. However, despite her name, she is not a total snob and is very friendly to all cats, even to Gas, who is her boyfriend and she doesn't mind the smell that comes from his scent. She knows that it's good to be in tip top shape, but it's good to have fun every once in a while.


Snobine is a white cat in a dress who has a fragrant scent. She is the only cat who is immune to Gas' stench and became his Girlfriend after jumping into a bin of trash with him. She may have a mild Pilou-like effect on the other cats, this is seen when she is introduced and the screen uses the similar cutesy bokeh effect.