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Wrench is one of the side characters in 44 Cats. He is a great friend of The Buffycats, fixing things for them often and occasionally going on adventures with them.


Wrench appears to be a calico-breed cat with seafoam green eyes and a little brown mustache. He wears a red fix-it cap, jean overalls, and a brown carpenter's belt with a visible screwdriver and wrench on it. In the episode "Underwater Mission" he can be seen wearing a ship captain's hat for most of the episode


Wrench is always one to keep a positive spirit, never seen losing his cool. He responsibly knows how to take charge in most situations calmly and strategically. Very altruistic as he goes above and beyond to put his skills to use for good. He loves to love a good problem.


Wrench is a master mechanic, having built a motorcycle for Lampo, a submarine for The Buffycats, and fixing various broken things in the show.


  • His design is possibly based on that of Mario's from the Super Mario series.